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Movies Featuring John Wayne That You Have Never Seen
John Wayne is one of the most famous movie actors featuring in the “Stagecoach” and “True grit.” You should, however, seek more information about other movies starring John Wayne. The following are interesting John Wayne movies that you most likely have not watched yet.

The first movie featuring John Wayne that you have not seen yet is “In Harm’s Way” (1965). The movie follows the story of a navy captain escaping the bombing of Pearl Harbor. You should, therefore, check out this website to learn more about the plot of this movie.

Words and Music (1929) is the other John Wayne that most likely you have not watched yet. You will enjoy watching this movie although it is not the common acting genre of John Wayne. You will see the story of a college student (played by John Wayne) who enters a songwriting contest to win the top prize. Hence, you will go for an emotional journey as the student competes for love and attention.

Hellfighters (1968) is the other movie featuring John Wayne to watch. The plot is about a firefighter (played by John Wayne) who find it hard to find a balance between family and work. Focusing too much on the work causes the firefighter to lose his wife and daughter. The firefighter is admitted to a hospital after suffering a serious injury. While in the hospital his daughter visits him and they start the reconciliation journey. You will see the story of a person struggling to keep his family and work in John Wayne’s “Firefighter.”

Chisum (1970) is the other movie featuring John Wayne that most likely you have not watched yet. The movie is a story of Chisum played by John Wayne who goes against the greedy investor who is buying all local stores. The plot shows a simple Chisum refusing to give up his ranch to a greedy investor.

The next movie featuring John Wayne is “Shepherd of the Hill.” You will see the story of a boy who is angry due to the father’s lack of interest in his life. You will see this character blaming the father for the death of his mother. To know the live showings of this movie you should check this website. You will aim to seek information on places showing John Wayne “The Shepherd of Hills” lives.

If you desire to know more John Wayne movies you should seek details from the website. The plan is to know the site that shows different movies made by John Wayne. You should, therefore, ask about John Wayne films when you visit a movie shop. Thus, you will enjoy watching these films.

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