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The Top Instagram Pranks That You Should Dare to Try on April Fools Day

You will realize that most people love pranks and it is easy to get to prank someone especially on social media. If you want a creative way to play a joke these April Fools Day, Instagram pranks are the way to go. While Instagram pranks are created easily, they have a big reaction. By reading this article, youre going to find some of the elaborate Instagram pranks that you can use on April Fools Day for your social media followers.

One of the Instagram pranks is pretending that you have gone on a trip. You can use photos of your local airport or another destination to make your friends jealous. You may also decide to pull up selfies from a vacation in the past from the comfort of your home. The other top prank when Instagram is posting cryptic messages that went to a big announcement though they will build up to nothing. When you use this frustrating trend, you will manage to prank your Instagram followers do you should reveal to them that it is a hoax after that.

Another Instagram prank is faking an engagement and you should stick to the Golden relationship through social media so that does not look obvious. You can pull a prank on Instagram followers obsessed with TV shows by posting a spoiler alert. The other top Instagram prank is faking an injury do you should avoid being tasteless and heartless and therefore theinjury prankshould be light.

Another Instagram prank is posting a photo as if you have met a celeb in a local restaurant or shopping center. If you want a hilarious reaction from your Instagram followers, then you should tape a photo of a toasty kitty. The other way to prank your Instagram followers is by logging in to the account of your friend of your friend and posting crazy photos and fake announcements. If you want to prank your Instagram followers, then you can decide to show of your diploma which will make it look like you graduated before them. You can buy a high school diploma here and congratulate yourself which is going to shock your friends. You can also pull a prank on Instagram followers by putting your friend on blast. You can blast your friend by liking and commenting on each of their posts. When you use the above pranks, youre going to have a wonderful April Fools Day. To learn more about the other top Instagram pranks, click here.