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Tips on Preparing an Email Resignation Letter

There is a pattern of Americans changing their jobs before the end of every five years as proofed by research. If the existing status of affairs regarding employee tenure persists, the average individual can look forward to working for not less than eight jobs over his or her lifetime. Resigning is the best way to go about, when you do not see yourself at your first job in the near future. Writing a formal letter is a thing of the past, and it is not required. What that you need to know about writing an email resignation letter will be discussed in this work.

First and foremost you have to know who to send the resignation email to. The recipient of the email should be established even before preparing the draft. Your current manager is at many times the receiver of the email. The CEO is mainly the boss in most structures of modern organizations. The line manager will however in most instances be responsible for your resignation depending on your position in the organizational structure. In addition, you should email copies of the resignation letter to the HR department for the reasons of informing them about your resignation. It is vital that you also send a copy of the resignation letter to your personal email because you will be denied access to your work email in due time.

Resigning does not have a least possible notice period except if you have signed an agreement stating otherwise. The convention followed is to provide a notice of two weeks. This is for the reason of leaving your job in the best possible way. Beyond everything, you may require your current employer to be a point of reference for future jobs. In that case, you may want to provide them with ample time to fill the gap you have left. Make the subject of the email very clear.

It is important that you maintain a professional standard when designing the resignation email. This is to say that you should be nice notwithstanding the conditions that may have forced you to want to abandon your post. It is advised that you appreciate your current employer for letting you work for them.

In conclusion, be concise and direct to the point. Question what you have to because it is the right moment to do so. As an illustration, this may regard your last salary. It becomes essential that the company knows how to contact you in case of unfinished business. In addition, your current organization may want to contact you after some time. Lastly, after writing the resignation email, you have to see out your notice.