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Rules and Regulations on Marijuana in the various American States

Over the years, marijuana has been overhauled, and proposals have come that it should not be consumed for effects it has on the society in general. In many countries, the marijuana plant and other products made from it have been banned in the relevant markets, and so anyone caught having any of those should be punished thoroughly by the law. Surprisingly enough, you notice that times have changed and it is clear that in the USA, many of these stringent rules have been chopped off, and now cannabis and other products are legalized and can, therefore, be consumed. The states are led by some leaders who might differ in this marijuana agenda and that means you should know what all advocate for, to benefit the people living there. If you are weed smoker and willing to settle in the US, you need to evaluate all the rules and regulations set by the different states to determine the one which suits your demands and expectations. The article herein is a demonstration of various marijuana laws across the United States of America.

Firstly, if you look at Alaska, you realize that back in 2015, marijuana was legalized and so one can own and import but on a condition that you consume and not for resale. A consumer of weed in this state should be twenty-one years and above, and so if you are yet to hit that mark, you should keep it off to be safe from government punishment. The moment people were allowed to buy marijuana for personal use, some economic exploits were noticed, and they have led to the success of the state and America as a nation.

Secondly, marijuana was first legalized in California in the mid-1990s, and the laws have spread out across the states even though they might change on a local basis. Unlike other states, in California, you find that people are not supposed to consume weed beyond 8 grams so that they do not experience an abuse. If you are above 21-years, you can plan six marijuana plants and sell or even consume.

Thirdly, one of the states that have legalized the consumption of marijuana to a great extent is Colorado, and since its inception in 2012 into the state, laws have been loosening to suit the demands of the people. You can, therefore, buy and use marijuana freely and so you can conveniently engage in the trade to earn a living.

In Massachusetts, one can conveniently walk around with marijuana and other products, and the situation in Maine is heading here with time. The weed rules and regulations are friendly to all because you can consume and sell.