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Dealing with Medical Cannabis Shortage in Maryland

Cannabis significantly contributes to the local economy of Maryland. The income forecasted to be generated from cannabis has proved to be doubling per year. Maryland has a large number of registered cannabis medical patients as the population is aware of the health effects of cannabis. The high level of demand of cannabis drugs has made a number of people to establish dispensaries for the cannabis drugs. After the legalization of cannabis in Maryland enables many people to establish dispensaries as they are able to get operation license. The authorities are giving more licenses to individuals who require operating the dispensaries to be able to meet the increasing demand. To learn why Maryland medical cannabis is toppling, read more here.

The unorganized supply chain in the cannabis market has led to the medical cannabis shortage being experienced in Maryland. People in need of the cannabis drugs in Maryland cannot have enough as the dispensaries do not have certain supply. The ability of the cannabis dispensaries to identify reliable suppliers will help to ensure that they have they have the required variety for their customers. The Maryland state can be able to meet the demand of the cannabis drugs if they ensure an organized supply chain from the main suppliers to the dispensaries.

The inability of the cannabis market supply to match the demand levels has been as a result of unexpected increase in demand as the market was unprepared for it. The rate of production of the cannabis drugs had followed the predicted figures and thus doubled demand made it impossible for the market to have sufficient time to make the required amounts. The market need to have the right projections to be able to make the sufficient quantities of the cannabis drugs in Maryland.

The cannabis growers can chip in to solve shortage problem by ensuring continuous growth of cannabis in large quantities to ensure that the drug manufacturers do not go short of the raw materials. The state can find a way of increasing the number of growers of the cannabis to increase the quantities of the plant. The state should offer good prices for the cannabis to serve to increase the number of cannabis growers. Manufactures need to ensure that they have large stocks to avoid incidences where the dispensaries miss some of the needed drugs.

Its important for the Maryland state to consider cutting down some of the licensing requirements that may scare away interested individuals. Reducing the licensing requirements will ensure that a large number of people quality thus the ability to increase the number of dispensaries. The ability of the Maryland state to ensure organized cannabis market will help to ensure that they provide enough amount of drugs for the market.