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4 Reasons to Use Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the newest and most effective tool in business world which showed promising results in the past few years. The internet is going crazy over it and social media has provided outcome of delivering 100 percent higher lead to close rate compared to outbound marketing. These days, around 84 percent of B2B marketers are using social media in one way or another. Regardless of what you are selling and who are your target market is, utilizing social media as your marketing blog is a sure fire way of growing your brand.

Not having active social media presence is much like living in the old world. There are people who are asking about the purpose of social media marketing or SMM or what value it can bring. As a matter of fact, theres so much you can get from social media marketing, just look at the following reasons below.

Reason number 1. Increased website traffic social media posts can drive traffic and you can see the wonderful difference by just creating a new page to your site, putting well placed social media posts and so on. The truth is, just putting a single link in one of your social media sites can transform your page from getting few visitors to over a hundred.

Reason number 2. Boosting SEO actually, social media is capable of boosting SEO of your marketing blog. Search engine crawlers are programmed to check pages that are earning traffic consistently and which are floating out there, ignored and forgotten. If you wish to climb fast in SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages, then driving traffic to your page is a must which can be done through your social media posts.

Reason number 3. Establishing connection with industry leaders and consumers social media helps in building effective relationship. For sure you are thinking of different ways on how you can get free market interactions, actually its easy and it can be through Instagram and Twitter. If you make use of marketing blog and make the most of it, this can help you have insights on your markets everyday life by reading their tweets or checking their status updates.

At the same time, you can make use of social media as a tool in connecting with industry leaders and even on tastemakers in your realm.

Reason number 4. Getting your message across as people check their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can get this opportunity to post your ads and have your message sent across. This is a fine way to help you improve your marketing blog.

Lets set things straight, doing marketing blog is easier said than done but, if youd take advantage of social media, be amazed to see remarkable results.